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Dangerous World Tour: Will You Be There?

Dangerous World Tour: Will You Be There?

1 Jan

"It breaks all barriers. I don’t have to make a political statement. I do all of that with music." - MJ

"It breaks all barriers. I don’t have to make a political statement. I do all of that with music." - MJ

3 Sep

Documentary: Michael Jackson - The Life of an Icon


Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon is a retrospective documentary produced by Michael’s close friend David Guest, which recalls the life of one of the greatest artists of the modern era.

It features exclusive insight into Michael’s life from a ‘unique perspective’ and includes interviews from those closest to him such as his mother, Katherine Jackson, his oldest sister Rebbie and his brother Tito Jackson in addition to over 50 others providing supplemental insight.

The documentary will browse his entire career - from the early Jackson 5 era through to the span of his solo career and will give focus to stories from his friends and family, as well as guests sharing their private memories on film for the very first time - Including never-before-seen footage from his performances and private family photos.

Aside from the star-studded glits and glammor of Michael’s life, the film will also explore the more grittier times that the popstar had to endure: such as the 2005 molestation trial and the moment when an warrant was issued for his arrest. The documentory will also explore the impact these events had on him and his family/friends.

Here is an insight into the documentary by Katherine Jackson:

“‘Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon’ is a truly remarkable film that captures the true character, wit and sensitivity of my son. Producer David Gest takes you on an emotional roller coaster that will bring people to tears as well as really understand who the man behind the music was and is.”

David Guest added:

"I have tried to show Michael in a truly unique light. I have spent the past fifteen months travelling the world interviewing people who were most important in his life. I believe this film will entertain and educate in equal measures about who the real Michael Jackson was. I hope this will serve as a lasting testament to the compassion and love that he had for all mankind. He was a very complex individual and this film reveals the many different facets of his personality.


The Documentory is being released under the banner of ‘Universal Studios Home Entertainment' and as such it will be a home release.

There will be a DVD and full 1080p Bluray release simultaneously with the Bluray featuring a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track.

Extras set to be featured on the release include:

  • A prolongued interview with Katherine Jackson
  • A prolongued interview with Tito Jackson
  • A prolongued interview with Rebbie Jackson
  • Additional interview footage with other contributers

The documentary is slated for release November 1st.

For more information, check out these sources:

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- MJacksonHD